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March 04 2011

or like this..
A sneeze woke me up. The story either ended in flames..
The captain tried to maneuver the ship away.  Something was going on regarding warring religions -people confined to land or below deck. I don't really remember..
They underestimated her & said not to worry. But she was determined and agile, a force to be reckoned with.
A beautiful girl with braided red hair was making quite a bit of progress...
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There were people in the water, trying to come aboard.
I was on the bow of a ship, though in my dream I was incorrectly thinking of it as the "hull". 

February 28 2011

even in my dreams..
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The machine wasn't working right at first, but finally, I got one. Then I was late. 
Of course, I need to stock up on stuff before I can feel productive.
Then I was at school...or work..& there was a 5 hour test that determined whether I passed or got fired, I'm not sure which. 
I had to defend myself with a jump rope. It was not very effective. Luckily, I woke up.
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February 27 2011

Then, for some reason, I dreamt about zombie cheerleaders. I'm not kidding.
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